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Another World Is Possible,
a research-driven philosophy
rooted in imagination.

Branden Collins is an interdisciplinary artist, designer,
researcher, archivist, and inventor working with a central philosophy: that art, science, culture and technology are intimately intertwined as powerful tools for understanding, creation & foresight through imagination. For over a decade, my self-initiated research, underpinned by this philosophy has been the anchor for both independent and collaborative work.

I’m now working as a creative technologist, using this interdisciplinary research, supported by historical context, to develop & design products for today and tomorrow.

The Young Never Sleep Studio

The Young Never Sleep Studio was founded in 2010 as a platform for visual experimentation through collaboration & interdisplinary design services. The experimentation and creative work made with peers and clients transfromed cultural analysis into futures insights. I’m currently developing a comprehensive archive of my work and the work created through the studio since it’s inception. 

Technoculture as Living Technology:
Toward A Unified Theory of Integrated Information

My focus today is aimed at building upon the culmination of my research, toward a unified theory of integrated information or
. I define Technoculture as “living technology”, recognizing that all technology (tools, cultures, customs, traditions, social systems, etc.) emerge from & interact with living systems. This includes living organisms that could be considered “conscious”. With this, we propose that cultural media & expression represent a time-bound record of universally evolving consciousness (i.e. self-stimulation) through Technoculture.  Supported by research in mathematics, physics, biochemistry, culture theory, information theory, quantum gravity theory, and more, we show that Technocutlure emerges from complex living systems, and work to examine the implications of this as it relates to the development of new integrative platforms, systems & products.

This unified theory establishes the framework for an ever-evolving, decentralized, second-life platform called Communion.

Communion: Living Technologies for a New World

“Communion” outlines the framework for a decentralized platform of mixed reality investment, research, development and design. Its first iteration was presented to a select group of friends, thought leaders & collaborators in Summer 2020. It included the description of an integrated local-global manufacturing network comprised of various mixed reality products, services and experiences which span multiple sectors and emerging markets.

Communion is the platform by which we move from possibility to probability to reality, 
through the convergence of arts, humanities, interdisciplinary research, experimentation, product development, and design.
Another world is possible through Communion.


Past Collaborators & Clients

Snap Inc.
IAM Internet
Pitch Studios
BonTon Atlanta
Cartoon Network
Adult Swim
Impossible Foods
Sight Unseen
Urban Outfitters
Zanzan Eyewear
Print All Over Me
Larissa Hadjio
The Standard Hotel
Wallpaper Projects
La Monda Magazine
Dashboard US

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