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Museum of Contemporary Beauty
Updated: 4 . 30 . 2020 

Speculation on the value of archiving digital identities and artworks in an era of ephemeral media. The concept, inspired by Pedro Sanches’ 2015 project which shares it’s name, is a collection of recontextualized works of art and portriats using augmented reality.

The original project, by Pedro Sanches, explores our ever-changing relationship with traditional notions of beauty.

 With modern technologies like AR face lenses, we are able to reclaim some level of autonomy in our physical presentation and expression, in effect redefining notions of beauty. In many ways this technology enables us to return to a more “natural”, culturally and indiviaully relevant  form of expression, similar to masking traditions in many indigenous communities. The mask acts as a tool for self-expression, reflection, learning, storytelling, communication and play.