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The Anthropocene is a proposed geological term that refers to an epoch beginning when human activities have a significant impact on the Earth’s ecosystems. There is debate among scientists whether or not we are currently in the Anthropocene era. I became really interested in this idea and worked with artist/stylist Madeline Moore and photographer Thomas Kuoh to create a photo essay examining the natural vs. unnatural, attempting to reexamine what we perceive as beauty. We took macro photographs of insects and beauty products with the intention of creating a dialogue on intimacy, form, function and discomfort. Through the process of shooting images at such a close range and in such high definition, we came to appreciate the subtle details of these animals in a new way. They ceased to be creatures that represent discomfort. A level of elegance and even sensuality started to reveal itself.

Photography by Thomas Kuoh
Prop Styling Assistant: Madeline Moore